You and Me 2.0

As nature maneuvers into spring, new buds are born, fresh colours appear and attitudes match the freedom of the sun. It was always there, the sun, we fools thinking it had packed up with it’s hat on, whilst we cleanse our bodies in the cool air and greys of winter. ‘A good winter frost kills all the bugs,’ the papers would have me believe as a young girl.

It’s around this time we follow suit; spring-cleaning our houses, our wardrobes, clearing the winter grunge. We decide on diet or health regimes to don our bikinis and new summer brilliance on, it’s the New Years Day of seasons with resolutions abound.
Ads, papers and magazines once again run rampant with all this. We hook in to this year’s, this month’s edition over the last; is it new? Or is it the same with a different writer and picture?

We believe them…can we believe ourselves?

Can we be trusted with all this gold and fun? To not use them as real life Tipex…to rid of mistakes and hidden hearts, but not really. There are still there. Spotted every time, pinching until we can ignore no more. Perhaps we traded purpose, even love for security, perhaps we don’t want it enough? You decide.

I don’t think we start over or fresh, I think we admit finally what we want. Only then to find the irony it was always there…it was us, missing in action.
The gutsiest thing we can do is become ourselves. It feels more risky than Trump to let our minds dwell in the possibility of that – we are indeed – not pipe or fools, but bang on, which happiness and life rewards. Be honest, if not, we have to ask ourselves why? What are we getting out of the situation we wish to change but don’t?

Me 2.0 is here on planet earth 2017, the 1.0 version I mailed into the atmosphere; a note thanking it for showing and giving me all it did. Cheerio pal thanks for the lift. Your shift is done, and cultivation of 2.0 is complete.

Extend this to your pets too, no joke. Change the choices you make – show yourself (and your pet) a new experience and feelings. As I wrote last in Move The Needle God is in the detail, truth and changes at this level move you to bigger meaty ones. This shit matters, our pets matter.
Feed a better diet, purchase a new collar, a new toy. Use superior treats, take them on a different walk or book a pet spa appointment. Begin brushing their teeth, help raise awareness of rescue pets, or just do something NEW with a choice made from You 2.0, not the older cheaper one.

Our pets appreciate and benefit from our love, excitement and worthiness — enrich your own first, so you able to offer these as a new normal to them. 

Stay stylish, upgraded and expensive,
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