Author: Annaliese Morgan


Landing here soon is my new romance story – The Gates to James Dean – to be released in short posts. It is New Adult, very cool and I can’t wait to share it with you. No sign up, no cost just read and enjoy! Annaliese

Poison, more than just a perfume

The city oozes vibrancy, super-cars and buildings competing to be the tallest – I wonder what the point of that title is? And who receives the gold medal of such an accolade? – The architect or builder? The top floor? The top of the toppest bricks? City streets and boulevards...


I’d Like A Cab Please

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” This, my dear gang THIS. It is entirely true. I’ve travelled far and wide with my two boys since they were months old, from local towns to the other side of the world. Upon each return to the UK...


You and Me 2.0

As nature maneuvers into spring, new buds are born, fresh colours appear and attitudes match the freedom of the sun. It was always there, the sun, we fools thinking it had packed up with it’s hat on, whilst we cleanse our bodies in the cool air and greys of winter....


Move The Needle

  I remember the glimpse of totality. The totality we all seek in some form upon our paths, a totality which skated away as perfectly as it arrived. A compass finds its bearings from its aligned North, a cardinal point. The sky has its’ leader – The North Star. Do...


Be Cool Beans

Malibu, 85 Fahrenheit, annoyed in a restaurant. I like Malibu. I like early morning watching the surfers. I like the freedom of spirit walking bare foot, as the ocean sends wishes of calm across impending rage and stand still on Pacific Coast Highway (a dual carriage way running parallel with...