Back to my roots

I’ ve spent the last four months concentrating on the expansion of Fuchsia Pet Health Spa, which, inevitably has thrown up a lot of reflection on my career so far. I forget sometimes just how much I’ve done in my 36 years – not from a, ‘I’m full of it’ point of view, but because I actually don’t think about it all that much. I love what I do and create my goals in line with that and that’s it, end of. I’m amazed when I do think about it that I am rated within the top 250 vet nurses in the UK, have written five published books and many articles, I speak to both UK and Australian vet nurses and so on, and I’ve done all this in the face of
many adversities – but I wake up everyday bouncing with excitement.

I’ve heard it said often what we loved doing as child or when we were younger is key to being happy in work and life as an adult. Certainly there have been some bizarre coincidences over recent times, and some of the things I’m up to at the moment have left me pinching myself. I’ve just spent the last few days on a business trip for Fuchsia Pet Health Spa, and as I sit on the train home writing this, I still can’t believe I have the opportunity that I do. The expansion of Fuchsia Pet Health Spa is creating a massive buzz, particularly amongst the select few involved with it, and we are all giving it 110%.

Don’t be fooled; none of this has been handed to me on a plate – it has been blood, sweat and tears, sacrifices and lonely times, but the most important lessons I’ve learnt through lots of ups, downs, and tragedies, is to be myself (and genuinely love that), NEVER EVER give up and ALWAYS follow your instincts and heart. You do these things (I’m not saying those are learnt overnight either) and that’s when you really start to see the magic in life.

So while I face my next set of fears (believe me, I wake up in the night having mini heart attacks thinking about all sorts), I remember what my choices are, face the fear and deal with all the paraphernalia that goes with change. Or I don’t, and stay as I am. It’s my choice which way my life will go. I’ve given into fear in the past, before I knew better, so there’s my answer. Get the boxing gloves, it’s time to psych myself up to punch fear straight between the eyes.

Roots are there for a reason; they are the beginning and are the continual growth of everything from our hair to the biggest oak tree. So my reflection has made me realise the importance of going to back to my roots. These very roots are the core of who I am, they are the reason why some things that made me happy when I was 15 years old still make me happy now, and why I began the path I chose nearly 20 years ago.

I would like to sign off this blog by giving respect, gratitude and to say how proud I am of the new director of Fuchsia Pet Health Spa Brighouse, Amy Bottomley, who has been with me from the beginning and is also my right hand woman.

Until next time

Analiese x

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