I’d Like A Cab Please

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” This, my dear gang THIS. It is entirely true.

I’ve travelled far and wide with my two boys since they were months old, from local towns to the other side of the world. Upon each return to the UK we would change…nothing major, nothing noteworthy, nothing more than we – life – had expanded and our environment hadn’t.
Nope, nothing major going on, nothing to see here. Keep walking on please, bellow silent megaphones.
“ We can be thankful for our time there.” I would say. “Fit right back into our shoes and walk the land as we had before.”
“People do this all the time, squeezing back into society, back in the manmade rat race,” I would spew. As I foolishly cheat ourselves with such statements.

Except – we can’t. Cracks begin to show up, inner hairline fractures at first spreading like broken veins; slowly, brightly.
It’s confusing to decipher their purpose, their subtlety all too easy to ignore or mask. Maybe I was duped with the rough end of the pineapple? As I wallow and awaken to my realisation of the bigger picture percolating.
The shoes are rubbing and the air toxic to breathe. Life becomes tight, like a shrunken itchy scratchy wool jumper and, only rats ever win the rat race.

This is the foot itch; for travel, for culture, for emigration, for chasers of the waves and the Holy Spirit.

The roar of long distance trains rumbling through your feet as you walk lengthy platforms to board, fires the same inner cylinders as airports and aeroplanes, at least for me. Aeroplanes though, do own a key to my multi door heart. I wanted to be a pilot you see, — my school career officer (eye roll) told me I couldn’t.

But what I have learnt, especially travelling with children AND especially, to travel as a Queen…rather than 18 year old Princesses with wedges and overweight bags for their two week package holiday, (I was one once so I can say that), is there are two non dazzling cardinal rules — use them, I hope they serve you.

  1. Keep everything simple and easy.
  2. Travel the finest way you can afford, from clothes to class. Don’t be afraid to spend the dollar if its something you appreciate, is helpful, makes life easier, and you all flipping well enjoy it.

Never mind taking fifty bags to carry; What If, modern contraptions no one knows how to work, plus ALL mini flight products because they are cute and exciting.
Keep luggage swag on point and organised – Less stress and tuts when panic-stricken over “Does this need to go in the plastic bag?”

Almost always, a ton of stuff equals scattered, Un-focused thinking.

The sharp lead point is, carry or pack what makes YOUR life easier and fun. Whether it is elaborate or not is irrelevant; it’s the purpose and joy, which is.
A Queen may not always resemble a walking Rodeo Drive but she will always cut the fluff, and move with grace, ease, confidence and high expectation.

For years I’ve travelled on my own with my boys so I have a lot this shit down. If this is of interest to some of you, maybe I’ll do a peek-a-boo blog into my flight/travel bags.

This brings me to travelling with pets, hurrah. It’s surprisingly similar to the aforementioned.

The same two rules apply; Keep it simple and easy, travel the finest way you can.

I read and see much paraphernalia about travelling with pets – more eye rolls are often seen from me. For sure, leave fretting and worry at home or in the wheelie bin, as your pet picks up on your energy and will reciprocate with the same – this is the issue 90% of the time for chaos and drama.

Air travel with pets is a constantly rule changing game – Pay the bucks and have a company sort it for you, period.

If your pet suffers with travel sickness or anxiety, discuss and plan with your vet in advance (not the day before as scattered minds do). A plethora of helpful tactics and de sensitisation tricks are on tap.
It’s beyond this blog to delve into these more fully but frankly, stop dreading the trip and grab the problem at the root – reminder – watch YOUR vibe and state…Vomiting pets and vomiting children is enough to send any Queen over the edge.

Store essentials such as water containers, incontinence (training) pads, poo bags, treats and rehydrating facial sprays (for you not them, this is one of my essentials!) in easy found places or about your person.

You know YOU and your pets best. Enquire and research absolutely, selecting however, only that which fits you, your life and your pet. You will know when you see it, it feels right, good, easy, simple and relieving — pay attention.

The more we travel or circulate, with or without pets, the more experience, choosey and refined we become as to who and what comes along for the ride.

Stay stylish,
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