Conviction of the heart

Over here in Annaliese World I generally begin a conversation with myself around Wednesday/Thursday as to the nature of Sunday’s journal post and it’s creative form, aiming for it to be actually written by Friday… But it doesn’t always happen this way! Thankfully my digitally team (love you guys!) are incredible people. More often than not they are sorting my work at weekends (amongst technical stuff I will never understand), so it is all up in time, spick and span ready for the real world. 

Behind the scenes stuff has always fascinated me, in the same way biographies and memoirs do. Behind the scenes in Annaliese World has enough shenanigans for its own programme! It’s an avant-garde place to be… a mixture of hard work, determination, humour, intelligence, and of course my own vibrant gracefully dippy character! (Ahem.)

I decided this week, to mark the start of a new month AND a new era for many, to share my first ever blog. The day (2 and half years ago),  unbeknown to me at the time became very significant. It was the first brick in a new wall; my first footprint in my own untrodden path which somehow a greater force than I knew I should be taking.

Writing styles change. We mould, craft and develop. However this is what I stood for then – I still do today and always will. Many of you may not have read my older work, or indeed know I’ve been an author/writer for eleven years, but this is the piece of work which ignited what is now The Annaliese Journals, and of course my current release Breaking Chains.

Whether it is written well or not is irrelevant; it’s an important piece of work (to me), and maybe, just maybe, you can take something from it too.
I give you Conviction of the Heart from back in 2011! (with an added Pinterest board).

I was listening to a song this week stashed somewhere in the iPod; Conviction of the Heart by Kenny Loggins (better known for his Footloose days).

This is a song with very poignant lyrics, and I wanted to share a few particular lines with you:

You’ve heard it a hundred times

You say you’re aware, believe and you care

But… do you care enough?

Where’s your conviction of the heart?

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Whatever job you have, business you run and lover you are with, do they have the conviction of your heart? Now, only you will know the answer to that, but one thing (well two things) I do know is that you can tell when someone is speaking or doing something ‘from the heart’, and it also feels completely different when you do this yourself.

Whether in business or in your personal life, this is the one thing that makes the difference, and can literally be the tipping balance as to whether your business, job or relationship works.

If you’re not doing what you love as work, why not?
If you’re not with the person you want to be with, why not?
I can list a whole load of excuses what you may be saying right now; are these any of them?

  • I can’t afford it
  • I don’t want to upset
  • I have a family and don’t have the time
  • The person I want to be with won’t be interested
  • I’m already in a relationship (though I know it’s not right and it’s not want I really want)
  • My family and/or friends think it’s a bad idea
  • I’m too young, or too old I can’t leave the job I’m in

These are not reasons; they are excuses stopping you from reaching your dreams. I too have probably said most of these at some point in my life, but I now know better, far better. Your dreams and goals may feel like they are 100 million miles away and one thing I can guarantee is, if you continue to live in line with your excuses, then that’s exactly where your dreams will stay; 100 million miles away.

I urge you to sit and think, strip the layers off and get back to your true heart’s beliefs. This may reveal or lead you to something completely different from what you are doing or where you are at now, but if you work and live from the heart, love, and true passion, then amazing things happen. Suddenly, your dreams are only arm lengths away, waiting to be grabbed.

So come on… Do that thing (whatever it is) that you want to but daren’t, and then go run with the rest of your life.

Until next time,

Annaliese x

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