Be Cool Beans

Malibu, 85 Fahrenheit, annoyed in a restaurant.

I like Malibu. I like early morning watching the surfers. I like the freedom of spirit walking bare foot, as the ocean sends wishes of calm across impending rage and stand still on Pacific Coast Highway (a dual carriage way running parallel with the coast and beach houses – one of which I’m sure has my name on it).

Pain pushes until the vision pulls; I believe it was Michael Beckwith who bestowed this piece of wisdom upon us.

A delicate line to teeter on, knowing the difference between pain and vision evolves from self-awareness. Enough awareness and self-trust to recognise we hold the answers to our dilemmas or questions…good impulses and right answers are felt in the belly, a warm glow. Pain or wrong ones are felt in the throat and head, words may translate this as; should versus want. It’s an interesting game, experiment! You will find my words to be true.

Back to the restaurant me and the boys had gone to for lunch…I didn’t like it, didn’t like the staff or the menu, so I rose like queen, signally the boys to follow and we left mid ordering. I think it was at that point the staff took a dislike to me too. Walking out like a mama with her ducklings I learnt a big lesson from a seemingly small set up.

Chill ya beans Annaliese.

Be cool and easy as we watch for the wave to surf, surfers have this attitude down. How we handle smaller rumbles, the smaller set-ups in life, dictate our bigger ones. If we don’t drop our drama, refuse to dance with the not wanted over little things, why would we be blessed with the grandiose or our desires? Can we be trusted with the grandiose and it’s rumbles not to grate our cheese?

When we are cool beans, we allow the self-awareness (followed by right choices and answers) to be felt…the vision pulls.

Our pets don’t have an issue with this, following their visions and knowing is a constant and natural. One reason they are so chilled, feel great to be around and why we want to be around them. I’m convinced they think our human Benny Hill behaviour is plain nuts, they would be right.

At times a little drama may enter their lives particularly if they tip the balance from fun in the sun to mobile radiator, or maybe the live in Malibu and visit restaurants they know they don’t like. Otherwise, it’s mainly due to factors outside their control, and this is we come in and play silent hero to prevent sweaty dramas.

How to be a silent hero and stay cool brah 

Pets lose their heat by panting causing fluid loss too; bringing it full circle to the sun and dehydration post I wrote last time You are my sunshine.

  • Protect them from heat and humidity. Our short nosed pals in particular, already have difficultly with breathing due to narrowed airways. Breathing faster and harder to keep cool results in overheating (body temperature too high).
  • Walk your pet during cooler periods of the day. Go for gentle exercise, with no long runs.
  • Maintain an ideal weight. Obesity and extra weight makes heat unbearable pronto. It exacerbates any breathing difficulties, arthritis, heart disease and causes issues such as snoring.
  • When outside in the summer, provide lots of shade. Children’s paddling pools with cool water are divine, gazebos are cool. It’s generally an excellent excuse to buy new garden furniture.
  • Trees and secret gardens providing a quiet shaded retreat are great…often humans are found here more than the dog or cat.
  • Provide cool, wet towels to sit on.
  • Allow your pets to sit on cool floors.
  • Use fans or air conditioning inside your home. Ventilate well by opening windows.
  • Use a body harness instead of a standard neck collar for walking.
  • If they are snoring while sleeping, extend their necks or try moving them into a different position.
    If they begin snoring – and this is unusual for your pet – seek veterinary advice. Please do not think noisy breathing and snoring is ‘Just the way these pets breathe’… It means they are having problems.

Stay stylish and be cool beans,

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