Flashing Blue Lights


‘OMG! There’s blood everywhere, he’s limping and the massive gash is making me feel sick, he’s never gonna make it.’ Turns out, it was a small nick in the paw pad and your wondering whether your pet’s performance and maybe your own, are worthy of an Oscar.
It’s a scenario which, Happens All The Time. I make light of this, I shouldn’t, I apologise. I have my own drama queen episodes in other areas where I am less confident – like – do I call the guy or not? Seriously, the analysis I knot myself into can be unattractively crippling, so I hear you people I hear you!
I came to learn – and pet traumas are absolutely no different or less of a priority – when we don’t know, when we are in fear or panic, the fight to survive kicks in, even for a bleeding paw.
In response, our own unique hard wiring of behaviour tumbles out to ensure the worst does not happen. The savvy Oscar performance by yourself and your pet, resolved the situation did it not?

The thing is, we do not need to enter a red alert state in order for life, our pets or our souls to be fine and ok! We can do without the cortisol and stress, it’s over rated – and on that high -I shall continue…
Your pet is unlikely to go through life without injury, eating something they shouldn’t have or ending up in a spot of bother. There are many scenes and colours of first aid, which may arise anywhere – the home, out walking, on holiday, and almost always at inopportune times. Hence being pre-prepared is cool my dear gang.
Specific problems or injuries we can progress onto, for now, (as I mention in my last piece Go to the Main Gangster) we need to first kit ourselves out with the right tools. Not a few plasters and wet wipes, proper stuff! Thus making situations run by adrenaline, simpler and easier…your adrenal glands will thank you.

If and when an accident or injury occurs you are; not going to run around screaming while trying to find your phone in your pocket or, at the bottom of your bag. You are, going to remain calm, consider your own safety first and remember the aims of first aid:

1. Preserve life.
2. Alleviate pain and prevent further suffering.
3. Prevent the situation from deteriorating, ensuring no further damage is caused.

Interestingly, as UK law stands, anyone who is involved in a road traffic accident where a dog is injured must report the incident to the police. The same law does not apply to cats or wildlife.


Creating your own Desperate Housepets Swag

On point first aid kit
Use a sensible hard container, possibly from an old Tupperware Party you were coerced into, and fill with:

♥ Sterile saline solution
♥ Gauze swabs or clean non fluffy cloths
♥ Vasoline impregnated dressings
♥ Cotton wool and bandages
♥ A tie or, a pre cut length of bandage to act as a muzzle or tourniquet
♥ Wipes/tissues for you, and your sweating brow
♥ Splint or small stick
♥ Cling film
♥ Space blanket
♥ Alcohol wipes, not wine
♥ Micropore tape and scissors
♥ Gloves – the latex kind, not leather ones
♥ Pen and paper – for taking notes and numbers (not potential date’s numbers to fret about later)
♥ Your local vet’s details
♥ No flashing blue light — sorry

Happy creating, more swag later,


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