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I remember the glimpse of totality. The totality we all seek in some form upon our paths, a totality which skated away as perfectly as it arrived.
A compass finds its bearings from its aligned North, a cardinal point. The sky has its’ leader – The North Star. Do we then – pray tell – have a True North too to navigate from? Or are we hurled around in circumstances never quite lucky enough to catch the wave?

Toads. Did you know there is a True Toad too – you do now. I write not of these amphibian creatures but the other toads, the ones capable of causing havoc in human land…The door sign says open – wait – it’s locked. Oh it’s open again – huff – my bad, it’s really closed. A mixed vegetable platter for sure, and one we are befuddled by as to whether we actually ordered it or not.

Amidst cries of foul ball and no fair ref! It cannot be denied, the toads showed up at OUR door; the guy, the opportunity, the idea. Although all different, all members of the amphibian posse, we seem to be there every time. I gasp and scoff, with hand to my chest for effect…is it actually moi mixing the hot and cold taps, unsure of my temperature?

Perhaps not in the isolated situation I’m thinking about, or the one you are thinking of but entirely possible in other areas, in the mundane every day life areas we rarely pay homage too? The friend invite, the twitter post, in the coffee shop.
Take a gander in the murky void, there are aha’s to be claimed. Truths we only notice when something becomes a mega deal, or of up most importance to us.

God is in the detail I find; find clarity and consistency in your True North and ACT from here always. In this pureness only those coordinated in their True North come with us in work, play and love. No room for toads, no room for hot and cold, open and closed or hmmm possibly. Their beady radars move past us or fall away, as though we are not there, because – well – we’re not there, we no longer resonate at toad level.

Send the mixed vegetable platter back to the chef and move the needle. The inner needle. Align with True North; stake bearings, choices and wants from here, both in the mundane and fancy stuff.

We’ve gathered lately around our pet’s temperature, hydration and heat protection, start here if it has escaped you, or are a new reader – all are welcome. Before I shimmy onto new topics, I thought it right and proper to lay out how to move our pet’s needle, if their bodies over heat or drop below the dial.

When pets blow hot and cold

Hypothermia involves body temperature dropping abnormally low, usually following exposure to cold temperatures for a prolonged period e.g. outside all night in cold temperatures (should have wrapped like mother said), locked in outbuildings or immersed in cold water such as falling in a lake and unable to get out.
At this point your role is to prevent further heat loss and warm your pet slowly. Here’s how to decode – I’m too cold:

  1. Dry their coat thoroughly using towels or a warm not hot hairdryer – this is not the time to be Vidal Sassoon just waft the dryer all over. Keep the dryer moving, holding it in one place for too long burns skin.
  2. Wrap your pet in bubble wrap (no popping it prior to wrapping) or a space blanket. Normal blankets, coats, jumpers can all be used as alternatives.
  3. Warm not hot wheat pads or warm covered hot-water bottles.
  4. Ring your vet and follow their advice, expect a trip to the veterinary practice.

Hyperthermia involves an excessive rise in body temperature. Typically occurring following overheating…the classic locked in car on a warm day, or unable to dissipate heat e.g. over-exercising on a warm day.
Obese animals are more prone to hyperthermia too, as fat layers provide insulation preventing heat loss.

Either way these hotties need cooling down, here’s how to decode – I’m too hot:

  1. Spraying (spray guns, shower, hosepipe) or immersing them in cool water –not cold Perform this action gently; you are not in an action movie.
  2. Cover with cool, wet towels and allow your pet to lie on these too or a cold floor.
  3. Offer fresh cool water.
  4. Set up a fan to aid evaporation of heat and to provide well-needed fresh air.
  5. Ring your vet and follow their advice, expect to take your pet to the practice.

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