Poison, more than just a perfume

The city oozes vibrancy, super-cars and buildings competing to be the tallest – I wonder what the point of that title is? And who receives the gold medal of such an accolade? – The architect or builder? The top floor? The top of the toppest bricks?

City streets and boulevards are run ragged with fancy business types, lost souls and secret gardens – which manage to wow without any gold medal for being the tallest, or greenest or prettiest. It’s an exciting place, the vibe of which often hovers above your own blank canvas as you begin to weave it in.

Not the place, logically speaking, to slow down the cogs and feet, or to feel peace and harmony with self and life ahead. Yet few things I have done in life – at least those, which have gone well – did not come from following other people’s logic, or via traditional versions of normal.

No sir, they arose from following my own.

Life in the city (rather than rural life) is slower, easier with outcomes achieved quicker, like car tyres finally snatching an inch of grip amongst its own spinning in its tracks. Freedom runs through its streets and boulevards and integrity fills my veins.

The power of standing in your in your own truth and integrity is impossible to miss or mistake – once felt – there is no going back.

Why would The City feel calmer and more purposeful than countryside when logically, the rural scene is quieter, slower and more open? The same reason clothes begin to feel uncomfortable…we outgrow them, they no longer fit or look right. Persisting to make the fit, well, fit because of this, that, and the proverbial other will eventually fail you, drive you over a cliff or age you by twenty years.

Yes sir, that is correct, I’m a woman who dared to follow her self.

It was the removal by way of an elegant side step, of toxic places and toxic people allowing me to see in the dark, to find where the beat of life is, to know what the beat of life is.
To give ones self space – real space – to allow fresh air and trust to diffuse in. Many wish for new lives or circumstances whilst too scared to let go of the one they have. Many miss the ending of one truth; therefore miss the beginning of an exciting other.
We may need to scamper physically, but first we scamper in our minds, our hearts to begin the segregation process, only then can we notice the perfumery counter before us – and – the toxic green glowing thoughts, people and places. Once we can see, the choice my gang is ours, not theirs.

Toxic and poisonous devils are ever present for our pets to, who don’t know how to distinguish, and I dare say they never will! They will eat it, drink it, roll in it or sit in it anyway, thinking they scored a home run.

To offer clear vision and assistance for you, avoiding disaster and illness, check out this list of common devilish drama inducing toxins:

More information can be sourced from the Veterinary Poisons Unit (see link below), BVA Animal Welfare Foundation or RSPCA.

  1. Chocolate – It’s the Theobromine in the cocoa, who is the bad boy and poisonous.
  2. Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) e.g. Ibruprofen, Paracetamol, Diclofenac.
  3. Flowers such as Lilies, Foxglove, Hyacinth. Bear this in mind if sending flowers as a gift; replies are hard enough to receive without extra hurdles!
  4. Grapes including raisins, sultanas, currents and scrummy mince pies.
  5. Anti-freeze – tastes super sweet…cats especially love this.
  6. Slug/snail pellets (Metaldehyde).
  7. Onions and garlic (instant gravy often contains onion, check the 
  8. Xylitol – artificial sweetener found in products like chewing gum. Chewing gum is pet hate of mine, this further reason not to have the tacky stuff around in my book.
  9. Wax candles – evenings aren’t quite the same if a trip to the vet with a poorly pet needs to occur after they eat your romantic or relaxing efforts.
  10. Dishwasher powder.
  11. Caffeine – clean up spilt coffee granules or your Starbucks.
  12. Oral contraceptives/hormone replacement therapy tablets.

If they have eaten a toxic devil or you suspect so, remove your pet from the source – they may not be very happy about this, particularly if they are half way through the Green & Blacks. Collect any evidence, wrappers, leaflets, packets or labels and check the approximate time you believe they have eaten their chosen poison.
If they have been sick, note the contents and any colour – hold your nose or gip if you must but just do it.

Contact your vet immediately. Do not make them sick unless your vet advises this action…making them vomit is the correct treatment for some poisons but not all. Some poisons are irritant or corrosive, the damage therefore, caused when they first ingested them will be subsequently caused again when they bring the said product back up. Inducing vomiting also needs to be done within a certain time frame.

If they have managed to cover themselves in delightful substances like tar, preventing further ingestion of the substance is key, before taking them to the vet. Cats in particular will groom like a crazy cat trying to remove the culprit. Use an Elizabethan Collar or place a child’s vest/T-shirt over them until you reach the vet clinic.

Click for the Veterinary Poisons Information Service. There’s lots of help and advice for trendy owners like you!

Poisons are best left to the greats of Christian Dior and Alice cooper, not our pets!

Stay Stylish,
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