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Product Description

The written albums are Annaliese’s new series of mini books, her version (as a writer) of musical albums. Each book or album surrounds a theme about life. Containing 12 vignettes and images Annaliese inspires you along with a little ‘how to’ through her words rather than music and lyrics. Breaking chains is the first to be released soon. Based on her own life she writes of breaking away from the old and becoming who you truly are.


The vignettes:

Feeling ignored, invisible or insignificant was a demon of mine for many years, and it will play out in all areas of your life…make no mistake about it. It’s down to you to change it.

After three

Leaving relationships, (or in my case) divorce. Brining back your worth, values and making confident, ‘the right’ decisions in the first place.

Falling in love

I’m talking about falling in love with yourself and all parts of your life, even money! And watch what starts to happen.

Black diamond

The bottom of your crisis or dip, we all have them, sometimes repeatedly (like I had.) Do you want to stay there, because you don’t have to?

Eastern princess

Reinventing yourself and becoming who you truly are with no apologies.


Clarity and mastery of your purpose and craft. It’s not always what you think it is! Take the bold steps and stop second guessing yourself.


Romantic relationships and the battle of hearts. This was such a charged area for me but repeated patterns or unhappiness have a message for you.


Finding inner peace and love. Trusting your intuition and inner guidance, I consult this for everything. Your inner wisdom will tell you the answers or direction.

Good morning darling

Because how you look and feel matters big time – and I don’t mean trying to reach for your version of perfect.

Soul provider

When nothing else seems to working, it’s time to listen to your soul and go forth confidently and with faith.

Who IS that?

Creating influence and meaning in your own life and others. Gathering the confidence to do so, I managed to sabotage so many things due to lack of own self-confidence!

Kishi Kaisei

Japanese wisdom: ‘Wake from the dead and return to life’. It’s meaning is to come out of a desperate situation and make a complete return in one sudden burst. (I was raised with a Japanese influence) but, this is your final step into your new life.

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