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Love Letter

Previously on The Gates to James Dean – Weak Bridge Ahead  Love Letter I’ve decided on my ‘Tilly kinda place.’ I said to Drew on the phone. “A jazz club. Not a seedy one mind you. A classy one.” “That, darling I can do. Are you sure? Don’t feel influenced...


Weak Bridge Ahead

  Previously on The Gates to James Dean –  It’s just jazz baby. Click here to read it! Weak Bridge Ahead  I have the next two days off. Considering mum dropped a bomb when she told me that her and dad have to stay in Paris another week, which means...


The Gates to James Dean – One

  “What’s wrong with what I texted back?” I ask Erin, as she looks at me with a bewildered expression. “Tilly, it’s a paragraph!” “It is NOT a paragraph.” I reply. “It’s a couple of sentences – you know – like a conversation. How am I supposed to respond to...