Vivere (Dare to Live)

 I’ll try to write this without swooning or melting. I can’t promise, but I’ll give it a shot! Through the ether I present Andrea Bocelli into your space (and screen).

The performance below of Vivere, with the equally divine (and so sweet) Laura Pausini, is right up there with my top 5 favorite songs. Their message abundantly clear. Absorb, feel it and retain it.

Do we dare to live though? Do we dare to really love, trust and be happy? Or do we wade through day-to-day fire fighting and settling for our supposed ‘lot’ we now think we’ve been given?

Daring to live and love is perhaps one of the hardest things to do. It will without doubt involve reaching and stepping into the unknown, always just outside your comfort zone, (that’s where it’s all going on folks!). Nothing ever changes or grows in the comfort zone… The garden with no light or sun, therefore no flowers or beauty.

Its mission is to use your own fears and your doubts of the past to keep you in there, to prevent you from moving forward, upward, into the true magnificent person you really are, living the life you really want and deserve.

At one time these fears would have had a purpose; they kept you safe from a person or situation which would have been harmful to you. But now, they hamper you. If you are reading this, if you are a getting a slight knock on the head, you are no longer in that realm which requires you to stay there. You’re ready, and your time is now. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t have found my work and you certainly wouldn’t be reading it – it wouldn’t interest you.

Removing the moth-eaten cloak, woven with yarns of fear, doubt, hurt, shame, guilt and pain is daunting. It can be scary stuff… trust me it freaks me out every time I have to do this. I had an occasion this week where stepping up to my fears, standing in my truth, roared for attention – I can be a wreck too! I came to realise we have two choices; step up or step down, waiting is neither of these and a game for fools.

If you are waiting for the ‘how’ to jump in front of you before you’ll do it, then I will categorically state here: you will be waiting FOREVER – it doesn’t work that way.

For example, the 6 books I have to my name didn’t happen after a publishing house came to me and offered me a 6 figure deal. No, they exist on your shelves or digital platforms because I made the decision to write and create. I put pen to paper and then different circumstances and people occurred – not the other way round.

The work, people, ideas, passions, desires (truth) which you may not even dare speak of, those really firing you up, lighting up your eyes, making your heart dance, and giving you sparks in your belly… It’s those very ones you are thinking of right now (those which popped in to your head whilst reading this), those are your truth, those are the things to immerse yourself into and explore, not disregard.

When you feel it in your core, if it is divine led, the coincidences, clues and synchronicities keep occurring. You have to follow it, trust it and believe it. It’s yours, it’s meant for you and it won’t go away. It will keep tapping you, or smacking you in the head until you listen! It’s no more tangible and visible to you than worry or fear is. Which one are you going to believe? Which do you want, more to the point.

Our life is our message to the world and we are meant to love, be loved, be happy  and expand all that we do, and have. It is only garbage inflicted upon us by others which has made us doubt and believe otherwise.

It is somewhat late where I am now and time for me to go, so I wish you: Buona notte e sogni d’oro. In Italian this means ‘Goodnight and have dreams of gold.’ I really hope you do.

Until next time tutti.


Annaliese x

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