White Linen

There are three women I look up to as icons; Princess Diana is one of them. The Serpentine Gallery scene is the one that will always be a reminder of what it means to be a woman.

She stepped out of the car in THAT black dress, the dress that had been in her wardrobe for three years, yet she hadn’t dared wear. She walked towards her people holding her arm out straight to greet them with such confidence, beauty and grace, you couldn’t help but be incomplete awe of her.

This (to me) was the moment she became the true meaning of feminine… knowing her own power and confidence yet remaining mysterious, gentle and kind.

I’m fairly sure she was also flipping the birdie to a few people, given Prince Charles was announcing his affair with Camilla that same night.

Princess-Diana-20I’m perhaps the only woman in the UK who doesn’t possess the ‘must-have’ wardrobe staple little black dress. Maybe I should get one, then again maybe not; long and floaty is 100% me. Short and tight – not a chance. What I do have though, is white linen.

Over the years I’ve developed a life, one that’s purely mine, unmistakably Annaliese’s. It has commanded the highest possible values from me and to be unapologetic for maintaining them. It’s tested every boundary and level within me you can think of, but oh my, it’s worth it. I have my own life, my own elegance going on, and my own sunshine; it doesn’t depend or rely on another.

When I remind myself of the above moment I begin to see how much time I spent in my masculine state… the getting, the doing, running the whole show, which ok, was pretty much all of the time – but it’s absolutely exhausting and repels men.

My own moment of realisation about (true) femininity was not me stepping out to the paparazzi and greeting my people, rather I was in my sitting room thinking about changing the bed. My bed linen is always white and that is exactly I how feel at this point in my in my life… like white pretty linen, bold and delicate blowing in warm summer wind… strong and wise enough to hold my own, yet willing with my own confidence and grace to be supported, held and cared for by others and hopefully a man too!

The feeling of breathing out after holding your breath for years is intense and I LOVE being a woman and LOVE men being true men. I appreciate chaps that the analogy of warm summer wind might not do it for you in describing your heroicness, but the wind is very powerful!

There is a mantra (I’m not sure who created it!) but I repeat this to myself every single day, multiple times – ‘You are responsible for the energy you bring to the room.’

Use it wisely my friends.

Until next time,

Annaliese x

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2 Responses

  1. Lesley says:

    I cannot believe how similar we appear to be. Fabulous blog. I love it!

  2. Annaliese says:

    Hi Lesley

    Sorry I missed this! Thank you, pleased you liked it. Rock on girl!

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