Wrong side of the table

“If all of mankind could look through that telescope it would change the world.” Griffith J. Griffith.


Words form Griffith J. Griffith (1850-1919), a man originally from Wales who relocated to America and had a vision to open a major public observatory in Los Angeles…This of course now stands like a white knight amidst the tops of the Hollywood Hills, by the infamous Hollywood sign.
A place enjoyed by millions every year, a place favoured by me and I can always be found up there, if you can’t find me try here! Not only because of the bursting information and fascinating equipment leaning out of every room and corridor but the view is truly outrageous.
The Grand Canyon took my breath away, this view rooted me to the spot, mesmerising me still…as though I’d been infiltrated with lead. It never gets old, and Los Angeles may be gawked at in all its glory, with twinkling lights cast way out in front strengthening the term, The City of Angels. In fact, it is said all the lights are like the angels twinkling.


Watching the sunset with ass in chair, hot chockie in hand, I refuse to be moved each time, my boys (one whom loves space like his iPod) are constantly in awe at what they can see through those telescopes and learn in the observatory. Thank you Mr. Griffith for creating and believing in your dreams.


And this is my point in this short piece: Aha moments, when they arrive, take seconds yet it can take years for that life changing scene to occur. Many of these we experience once we begin to pay attention and become more detached from the antics of our so-called realities. I’m fretting over projects; am I good enough, will I – and IT – be liked, will the production company pick it up? …blahing and fretting, blahing and fretting – yet I’m looking at freakin Jupiter whilst stood on a planet which hangs in mid space.

Look at the bigger picture, open the mind instead of squeezing your vision through a tiny tube that somebody – deemed better, or brainier, or more authoritative than you – told you this was life and just how it is. I’ll take a gamble too the squeezed life in a tube feels uncomfortable, wrong, like you’re the misfit and not quite up to par?



Take a moment to examine; who you are around, where you live, hang out, shop, eat, work, every damn bit of it – does it match what you know, better yet, feel to be true for you? Does it match the dreams you have just like Mr. Griffith once had? If those boxes are all ticked yes, well, we are all aboard the right train and lets pull the horn, if not consider this…

It’s not them its you, not in how they make you feel or what they say is right (hell no!) but you, simply becuase; through your own learned lack of worth, lack of belief and self doubt — often reflected back to you by these blessed beings and places, falsely confirming your fears of course — caused you and your mind to sit, at the wrong side of the table.

Get up, and MOVE!

To changing seats

For more brilliance about the observatory check them out http://www.griffithobservatory.org

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