Get ya groove on baby

This coming week is the release of Breaking Chains, the first in my new series of mini books – The Written Albums.

Why, what, eh?

You see, I LOVE music and lyrics. It fascinates me how music and words alter your state within minutes, and how we use songs to resonate with our own feelings, and to express feelings to others. Those songs hold a lot of power!

However, I discovered many years ago I am not an amazing lyricist and definitely, (with a capital D) cannot sing.

I can though, write, and tell true-life stories. Like most artists (of any creative sector) I use my own significant life history and intuition to write and create from… and actually, I’m pleased the doors into lyrics and music were bolted closed to me.

The Written Albums are my version, (as a writer) of musical albums. Each book or album surrounds a theme about life. Containing 12 vignettes and images to inspire you along with a little ‘how to’ through my words, rather than music and lyrics… I really hope you dig them!

We don’t always have the will, time or desire to read a full fat book, so The Written Albums reflect our fast moving modern lives and thirst for transformation, inspiration and answers.

Breaking chains is based on my own life, and is all about breaking away from the old, how to begin doing so and, finding who you truly are. It’s available in print and across the digital platforms. There won’t be long periods of time between books; Red voice is the second book in the series and is underway.

Here’s the Breaking Chains cover, designed by Hanna-Rikka in Finland.


Book_cover_back-02-3 Book_cover_front-01


Before I sign off this week… three diddy bits of news:

  • My newsletter and blog subscriber lists are diffusing into one, called Annaliese World (with new free stuff coming too).
    If you would like to unsubscribe no problemo, or if you want to join my gang please do, I’d love to have you!
  • Just to clarify – I have been a published author since 2003 with 5 books behind me (veterinary text books and pet care.) I was a leading, award winning, surgical vet nurse for nearly 20 years, and this is how my writing career began.
  • Some of you may know I have recently embarked on a new project – writing a script, which has every particle in my body sizzling and I am having enormous fun! What’s the script all about? That is a whole other story for another time 😉

Daisy love,

Annaliese x

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  1. Hanna-Riikka says:

    I can’t wait to get my copy then!

    My name is written with two I’s by the way. 😀

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